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don't let stress control you

you have the power to control the stress

All human beings experience stressful situations at some point in their lifetime. However, it is not the situation that is the source of our stress, but our approach and reaction to it. That is why one might experience extreme stress while driving a car in traffic, while another person might find it almost relaxing. Our conscious and subconscious mind is such an amazing thing, which commands and controls the complex human body. Our constructive thoughts encourage and boost our confidence. They help in reaching desired goals. Destructive thoughts result in mood swings, lack of confidence and more devastating outcomes, such as anxiety, fear, and panic. Thus when stress is not managed in early stages it keeps on building up.


According to Arthur D. Schartz there are two basic approaches help in managing stress effectively. The first thing is achieving a kind of mental and emotional balance that enables us to handle the stresses of life with a calm composure. The second thing is learning useful techniques of dealing with specific events and situations that cause our stress. Both approaches can be mastered through hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

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