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hypnosis to happiness


6704 West Roscoe Street  Chicago Illinois 60634

What Hypnotherapy can do for you

There is very little that Hypnotherapy can not help you with! Studies consistently show it's effectiveness over other types of treatment. In fact Hypnotherapy (93% success after 6 sessions) is more successful than Psychoanalysis (38% success after 600 sessions)  and Behavioral Therapy (72% success after 22 sessions). Which is amazing!

Hypnotherapy works to change the behaviors and habits that no longer serve you! Those trapped emotions from our past that are the cause of any dis - ease, are released and transformed during hypnosis!

- Anxiety, Phobias, Fears and Panic Attacks

- Stress Management

- Negative Thinking

- Pain Management

- Eating Habits, Weight Loss and Overeating

- Smoking Cessation 

- Substance Abuse

- Addictions




- Chronic Fatigue

- Child birth

- Anger and Aggression

- Loss and Grief

- Improve Health and Immune System

- Sleep Problems/Insomnia

- Hypertension

- Past Life Regression

- Study Habits, Tests and Exams

- Surgery Recovery

- Motivation and Self Confidence

- Creativity

- Memory

- Success

- and more!

hypnosis to happiness

773 - 999 - 5272

what hypnotherapy can not do for you

Hypnotherapy can not control anyone or force anyone to do anything that they do not truly want to do.


What to expect during sessions

I see all my clients in my office in Chicago or via FaceTime or Skype. My home office provides relaxed, comfortable and safe environment where your confidentiality is on par with the client oriented approach. Most sessions last 90 to 120 minutes. During first session we will talk about your reasons for seeking hypnotherapy, how hypnotherapy works and we will choose the best modality to help you reach your goal. After the first session you will receive an MP3 to listen to at home, between the sessions to reinforce the suggestions.  The following sessions depend on your needs and goals. I have been trained in many healing modalities to help you achieve the life you always wanted and are striving for. 

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