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there are many reasons to explore your past life

Some of the reasons why you may choose to do a Past Life Regression is because you might simply be curious about your past lives or just be curious about the process of hypnosis that takes you this deeply into your past. Another reason to decide to discover your past life/s is that it may lead you to discover the cause of the problem you are currently struggling with. Knowing the cause of your struggle helps you understand it and overcome it. Therefore, Past Life Regression can be tremendously empowering.   It can also help you understanding and find the origin of the present-day relationships or lack of them.  Many physical health issues can be traced to a past life and healed through this process.  In Past Life Regression you can find the past life that is mostly affecting you today.  You can also discover the cause of special talents and abilities that none other family members poses.  In Past Life Regression you can resolve karmic patterns, discover life’s purpose or explained fears, phobias, and dreams! 

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