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stop your suffering

pain doesn't have to be a part of your life

Recent research has shown that hypnosis is extremely effective in reducing acute and chronic pain. Many studies show the value of hypnosis in reducing cancer pain, phantom pain, pain related to burns, rheumatoid arthritis, any psychosomatic pain and fibromyalgia. Hypnotherapy also helps with pre and post surgery anxiety and significantly improves recovery.


So how does hypnotherapy work to help manage pain?


It does it by helping you achieve a deep state of mental and physical relaxation (which in it self is extremely pleasant). This state of deep physical and mental relaxation helps you bypass your critical conscious mind and it helps you to gain access of the subconscious mind, which by the way controls 95% of our lives. So it is in the subconscious mind where you can begin to focus so intently that you can target and reduce pain.  



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