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Gabriela Jacovino Hypnosis
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist CCHT, IAIH                           

6704 west roscoe street chicago illinois 60634

We don't come to therapy to change the past.     We come to change our Future!

What is hypnosis?


Hypnosis is an alter state of consciousness in which a person becomes highly responsive to suggestions or directions. It is a natural state, that we often experience without being aware of it, for example when we daydream.  A person in the state of hypnosis can experience a deep sense of physical and mental relaxation and a change in brainwave activity, which can allow for communication between the conscious and subconscious.  Hypnosis positively impacts our nervous system, our digestive system and our immune system.  Its use in therapy is unparalleled.


What is Hypnotherapy?



Hypnotherapy is an emotional, psychological and physical healing modality, which uses hypnotic trans to create change in perception that  is essential when working on creating a change in our behavior and/or life.  During hypnotherapy sessions you can uncover suppressed memories of events (aka traumas) that are the root cause of current emotions and problems. Because our brains do not differentiate between reality and fiction (what we imagine is just as real to our brains as 3D reality) during hypnosis we can create new perceptions, which will create new neurological connections, which will lead to new core beliefs we hold about ourselves and the world we live in.


Therefore, with the help of hypnosis, you can 


- reduce stress, conflict, anger and aggression

- win your battle with anxiety, PTSD, fear, phobias

- overcome substance abuse (drugs, alcohol, smoking, over eating, gambling, shopping)

- gain self confidence, love and acceptance

- improve concentration, motivation, self worth

- regain natural ability to sleep (stop insomnia)

- discover, plan and achieve your life's goal

- improve your health (reduce symptoms of IBS, high blood pressure, headaches, migraines, menopause, )

- manage pain

- loose weight

- stop smoking

- and much more



All sessions are confidential


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